Growing Wings by Jo Anne Santos Paperback

Growing Wings by Jo Anne Santos Paperback

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Growing Wings tells the story of triumph through trials. In three parts, the author takes you on a journey of reaching your higher self. By understanding who has been placed in your life to define you, you can come to understand how to re-define yourself. Whichever stage that you are currently in, the poems, prose, and stories in this book will give you hope and peace amidst your troubles. Always remember, whenever you fall, you will be able to RISE again.

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10 reviews for Growing Wings by Jo Anne Santos Paperback

  1. Jermaine Henry (verified owner)

    I just got my copy recently. I read it on my way from Toronto to Sault st Marie. It was an hour flight and I read every word on all 100 pages. It was a beautiful journey through your words. I appreciate your vulnerability and creativity. Oh the poetry–oh the feels. I had many feelings and emotions reading it, especially the love letters. I was able to find a lot of closure for my own love situations.

    It’s wonderfully seeing you soaring. Also have to say, you and your team did a great job with the layout and clean look. Thank you for sharing your art and putting in the hard work. It’s paying off and I’m even receiving the benefits of it.

  2. Amanda Gaeta

    Love the book! Definitely hit the feels on some points, it was something that I for sure needed though. Overall great content!

  3. Ciara Rayshall

    This is an amazing read for both writers & women alike. Through storytelling & prose, GW was all inspiring, captivating & alluring at each page turn!

  4. Zhea Larize

    The Growing Wings book will give you all sorts of different feelings that will relate to different points of your life. When I started reading the book, I couldn’t help but keep reading & re-reading it.
    It does blow my mind on where Joanne got each of the poem’s idea. She’s also a person who’s very open and will try to help you and give you advice on your life problems.
    Joanne is a very welcoming person and reading her book I felt like she was just right there talking to me. It is truly beautiful written, I cannot wait for the second book and her next books to come!
    If you didn’t get a copy yet, you should, you won’t regret it.
    Thank you Joanne for sharing your heart with us through your writing

  5. Mathew Da Silva (verified owner)

    Growing Wings is so powerful because it is REAL, honest, and is the culmination of the authors experience expressed through art. Knowing Jo-Anne’s story really helps understand her intentions with this book and you can’t read it without at some point resonating with the words and or it making you feel all types of emotions. I also love the subtle notes of faith that allows this text to be versatile and appeal to the masses. This is truly a must buy and I would definitely reccommend this to a friend/family member.

  6. Monique Amarylis

    Love  is patient, love is kind, love is slowly losing your mind! I think that’s what this book said to me. But love is growth… the “growing wings”, to fly from what no longer serves you. Trust the process. This book flushed a variation if emotions through me: sadness, bliss, peace, and waves of weeping. I think anyone who has found and lost love or has loved and has been loved, will relate to the raw penmanship Joanne has been blessed with. Thank you. Your courage, strength, and vulnerability in the most oblique times of your life are empowering. I wanted to hug you as I read every page. You are so beautiful, smart, and strong, and I’m glad to call you friend.

  7. Cioan

    Growing Wings is a prominent poetic artwork from beginning to end. This book will provide you with profound and elegiac yet scintillating, heartfelt poems. You will catch a glimpse of the intrapsychic spectrum of Jo-Anne as you continue reading. Growing Wings is not difficult to read and I commend Jo-Anne to have worded such intricate and pivotal experiences, gracefully.

  8. jodianne beckford

    Jo-Anne has truly created such a beautiful body of work. Her poetry is not only captivating but makes you really feel. Whether it be a past or current feeling, her words are as alive as each of our breaths. I would recommend Growing Wings 100 times over! Thank you Jo-Anne for sharing your words with the world.

  9. Kemeion Coutain

    Great book! As a male reader it had me thinking of my own personal experiences. Kept me drawn in and had my imaginations blooming, really vivid style of writing! Loved it, for a poetry book this is one of my favorites.

  10. Tara

    Growing Wings is such a fantastic collection of poems. I finished this in a day but honestly did not want to, I wanted to keep reading it for days to come. The poems are amazing and so relatable. I really connected with every single one of them! The way Jo-Anne writes is so beautiful and easy to follow. She tells a story every time and you can really feel her heart and soul is in them. I honesty cried at a few of them because I felt like I was reading about myself.

    This is one of my favorite poetry collections I have now, and I am so HONORED to have been sent a copy from this amazing girl. Thank you to the author for her amazing words , I cannot wait to see what else she comes up with! ♥️

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